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Commercial Air Duct Cleaning in Houston Commercial Air Duct Cleaning in Houston Feb 13, 2020

Cleaning Services for Commercial Air Ducts

EcoStar is proud to support countless businesses in and around Houston and other major cities in Texas. We provide the best commercial air duct cleaning services for businesses and commercial properties. We work with owners, business operators, property managers, and others to make sure any air duct system can be fully cleaned. We provide comprehensive commercial HVAC inspections, free estimates, and services. We can repair air ducts with proper assessments, honest estimates, and diligent air duct installation experts that have plenty of years in the heating, air conditioning, and commercial ventilation industry. Many of our technicians have backgrounds in mechanical engineering, energy sciences, home restoration, plumbing, and electrical work. Simply put, our air duct professionals are well-educated individuals with training in multiple concentrations so that we can offer the very best commercial services for Houston businesses. 

Looking for Home Air Duct Cleaning?

EcoStar Air Duct Cleaning works with both homeowners and commercial customers!

Residential Home Air Duct Cleaning

Commercial Air Duct Cleaning Tools

It is very important to use the proper tools for commercial air duct cleaning. It is not acceptable to use home vacuums, regular brushes or scrapers, or really any tool that is not specifically designed for home ventilation cleaning. All of our professional air duct cleaning equipment and tools are specifically designed for the most effective and efficient cleaning services. Commercial air duct cleaning requires varying types of brushes, scrapers, vacuums, and other HVAC cleaning tools to perform the job well. Special attention must be given to the corners and grooves of commercial air ducts. It is also very important to make sure that every part of each duct is cleaned. Therefor special cleaning methods and tools are used. For example, an extendable brush (also known as an extension pole brush) can become a lot longer by using a simple extension mechanism that lets the air duct cleaner reach the farthest part of each duct. 

Types of Commercial Air Duct Cleaning Services

There are a few different tiers of air duct cleaning services for commercial properties. Basic cleaning covers the general brushing and vacuuming of any air duct to remove dust, debris, and other substances stuck in the commercial air ducts. A full air duct cleaning includes additional brushing, vacuuming, and special attention to the interior lining and siding of the air ducts. Depending on the type of air ducts in a commercial property, varying types of tools and cleaning methods will be used for either a basic or full air duct cleaning appointment. There are also much more comprehensive cleaning services for commercial air ducts in Houston. For example, sanitizing and disinfecting the air ducts or mold remediation are both separate services not included in a basic air duct cleaning. However, this is intentionally designed to benefit the countless commercial properties that do not genuinely require this detailed level of cleaning.

Basic Commercial Air Duct Cleaning 

Ideal for commercial air ducts that have been cleaned recently, for routine maintenance and cleaning, or for air ducts that are new, infrequently used, or verified as relatively clean.

- Brush & Vacuum each air duct completely, making sure to remove any dust, dirt, or other substances.

- Free Visual HVAC Inspections to provide assessments and free estimates for repairs or additional cleaning.

Full Commercial Air Duct Cleaning

The best cleaning service for commercial air ducts that have not been cleaned this year, are frequently used, appear dirty, or for commercial properties with airflow or air quality concerns.

- Brush & Vacuum every air duct completely to remove all debris, dust, dirt, and contaminants in the commercial vents.

- Free Comprehensive HVAC Inspections for all HVAC units to troubleshoot all issues and provide free estimates/quotes.

Deep Cleaning Commercial Air Ducts

Required for commercial air ducts or HVAC systems with known issues such as mold, mildew, toxic or contaminated substances, overall health-related concerns, or generally disgusting air ducts.

- Full Air Duct Cleaning with special attention given to problem areas that require additional scraping, brushing, and repeated cleaning

- Full HVAC Inspections and Free Estimates for all recommended services: air duct cleaning, replacement, mold remediation, full restoration, and new installations

- Completely Sanitize & Disinfect each air duct to help with toxic substances, odors, and more

Why Business Owners Choose EcoStar

It is very important to understand what to look for when searching for the best commercial air duct cleaning company in Houston, TX. As you know, H-town is a very large city, and even the smaller towns around it are increasingly active. Business owners, operators, and other commercial property managers need reliable HVAC services, which is why so many companies love and trust EcoStar commercial air duct cleaning services. We have worked in the commercial air duct cleaning industry for many years, helping countless office managers, store owners, and other commercial businesses with their full A/C unit inspections, heating maintenance, air duct cleaning, and all related HVAC services. If you have commercial ventilation that needs to be inspected or worked on for routine service, then you have definitely come to the right place. 

- Completely Free Estimates for All Commercial HVAC Services!

- Professional technicians and air duct cleaners dedicated to providing incredible services.

- Flexible scheduling to accommodate varying business hours and requirements

- 24/7 Emergency Service

- Dedicated, Local Support Staff (Phone, Email, Live Chat)

- Fully Registered, Insured, Certified & Licensed Air Duct Cleaning Company in Houston

- We offer commercial air duct cleaning and other HVAC services in Greater Houston and even surrounding areas

Our professionally trained and experienced commercial air duct cleaners can definitely take a look at your building(s) or office floor to help you discover what cleaning is required, and what other HVAC services you may need. We are EcoStar Air Duct Cleaning, your best choice for cleaning commercial air ducts. We provide honest assessments and honorable free estimates that we can always fulfill. Our biggest focus is providing a quality air duct cleaning service that is built upon ethical business practices and premium services that are in the best interests of any customer we work with.

Free Estimates For Your Home

We are fully capable of providing free estimates for all air duct repairs and installations, anything related to HVAC, and home repairs or new construction. Our background is in not only air ducts and ventilation, but home remodeling and construction as well. EcoStar is a full service company in Houston with years of experience in a variety of industries.

When we provide a free estimate we truly honor what we promise to fulfill. Although it is always preferable to start service immediately, especially for emergencies or urgent cleaning needs, we are more than willing to honor our free estimates in the future if you need time to make a decision. With this in mind you should have no concerns at all if you decide to have any free estimates performed during your appointment. Even if the work you are interested in is not 100% related to the cleaning or repairs we perform at your home during your initial appointment, we will be happy to assist with the work and answer any questions you may have.

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