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Attic Insulation Austin

If your home needs attic insulation services, call EcoStar Attic Insulation Austin today! For any repairs, replacements, and new installations we are your go-to company. Save money on energy by having your attic insulated and give us a call today! Our professionals will make sure your insulation is doing its job and keeping your home temperature regulated. We want to make sure that your home is protected from any weather and that no leaks or drafts will get into your house. Attic insulation not only keeps your home warm in winter, but it can also keep in cool air during the warmer months. Outdoor climate affects the temperature of your home. Without proper insulation, it will be hard to regulate the temperature inside of your house. In order to save energy and money, make sure your Austin residential home has proper attic insulation. It is so important to prevent heat or air conditioning from escaping your home.

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Weather in Austin, TX

With Texas weather as intense as it is, we worry about keeping our home cool when it’s hot outside. According to research conducted at the Berkeley National Laboratory 85% of a home’s temperature dissipates through the attics, and over 90% of homes are under insulated. This means that the most important area of a home to keep insulated for temperature control is your attic. Insulation is rated by how well it restricts heat, otherwise known as its R rating, and obviously, you want the best rated insulation for your needs. We find in older homes with original insulation, the R-value struggles to reach 11. However, due to the changes in insulation practices and products, newer homes are able to reach R-values of 38 or higher.

Attic Insulation Temperature Loss

The majority of a home’s temperature control is lost through the attic. Don’t let poor attic insulation be the reason you can’t keep your home a comfortable temperature, let the local experts at EcoStar Attic Insulation Austin take care of all your insulation needs. We commonly get asked “when should I replace or add attic insulation?” Most insulation products degrade after just 15 years. However, if you’ve noticed issues with your heating or cooling system, have drafts, or see moldy or wet insulation, it may be time to add or replace your insulation. If you aren’t happy with your AC’s capabilities, and have had your system checked out but are still not satisfied, it may be time to consider some new insulation.

According to a leading resource for energy consumption, you can lower your heating or cooling costs with the best attic insulation services.

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Attic Insulation Water Damage Restoration

Attic insulation water damage restoration is one of our specialties. If you have a roof water leak or another issue causing the insulation to get wet, you may need replacements. It’s important to stop the cause of the leak before putting in new attic insulation. Our technicians are equipped to help with this entire process.

Attic Insulation in Austin

Every home in Austin deserves to have the proper attic insulation. Avoid wasting energy from inefficient heating and cooling and save money each month! You will benefit from having protection from outside leaks or drafts, and feel at ease knowing you can control the temperature throughout your home. For any questions about your attic insulation, or to schedule your free estimate, give us a call today!

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