Did you know air duct cleaning keeps you healthy?

Did you know that Air Duct Cleaning can help you stay healthy ?

An Air Duct is an extension of how you breathe. The air comes to you, you inhale it, then exhale and let it go out of your living area. The whole process is a cycle and the intermediary is an Air Duct. The quality of air entering your air duct and leaving it should be the same. No compromise can be made in this matter. Mainly because that is what keeps you and your family healthy.

What can go wrong ?

With time, even if you do nothing wrong, the air duct could get contaminated. The influents can be animal droppings, mold, moisture,dirt, debris etc. These elements can individually or as a combination can create serious trouble to your body and breathing mechanism.

How can I fix it ?

While we appreciate that you are a very capable individual, my personal opinion is that this is a job for qualified technicians. Mainly because

  1. There is a chance of infection while dealing with the air ducts 
  2. There is a possibility that the dirt might spill out of the air duct into your living area
  3. Microbial particles might accidentally get released into the air from the air duct


  1. An efficient cleaning process might need modifying your air duct by creating openings and then closing them with precision. This is a job for the experienced hands.

Then we use a brush or compressed air to clean and sanitize the air duct.

Checking our Air Duct Cleaning Houston page will give you considerably more insight to the duct cleaning options we provide in and around Houston and surrounding communities.

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