Getting Ready For Your Air Duct Cleaning Appointment

One of the most common questions we get asked during almost every appointment call is “How do I get ready for my air duct cleaning appointment”. We’ve decided to take a moment to share important steps you should take in order to prepare yourself for our professionals to arrive. The air duct cleaning process itself is relatively straight forward. We come, remove your vents, and start the duct cleaning process. 

In some cases, additional services may be offered, but are completely optional, and may be turned down. These services are generally dependent upon how dirty, or damaged your ducts or duct system is. 

Step one

The first step to meeting our cleaning professionals is to ensure that anything you don’t want to get dirty, is covered up. We do our best to cover up your belongings, but sometimes on extremely dirty duct systems, the dust can get all over the place. If you’re someone who wants to keep your house spotless, the best solution is to ensure your furniture, and appliances, collectables, etc, are already covered on our arrival. While not required, it’s highly suggestive! 

Think About Your Pets

You’re getting your ducts cleaned because they are dirty, you probably don’t want to breathe in all the dust being freed from the ducts, and neither does your pet. Make sure to let the contractors know their is a pet in the home. If at all possible, try to have the pet removed from the home during the cleaning. While not required, your pet, and your contractor will thank you. 

If removing the pet from the home during the cleaning is not possible, try to find a place for your pet away from all the commotion areas where the ducts are being cleaned. 

Clear The Work Space

When your professional duct cleaner shows up it’s always best to have big furniture moved out of the way of any ducts/return vents. this includes beds under vents, couches under vents, etc. 

This is best for you, the homeowner for numerous reasons. 

  1. The professional doens’t have the potential for damaging your items as they are being moved. 
  2. You know where they will be safest. 
  3. you can ensure it’s covered to your liking before work begins. 

In conclusion

All in all the process is extremely simple and will make the entire process happen faster, and more efficiently if you follow the steps outlined above. OF course, you’r welcome to not do any of those things, our professional duct cleaner will do all of this for you. It’s just a good idea to handle some of it on your own in order to avoid potential problems. 

As always, we provide same-day services available in the Houston area. Our Houston Air Duct Cleaning services are same day for no additional fee. 

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