How Often Do I Need To Get My Furnace Inspected?

Home maintenance isn’t really very fun, it’s not the kind of thing you want to have weighing on the back of your mind. There are profound reasons to stay on top of your home maintenance on things like HVAC, Furnace, and even your garage door can help save money on repairs in the long run. It will also help save on utility service costs too! Let’s take a moment to discuss the costs of furnace inspections specifically. 

Furnaces are extremely important pieces of household equipment and does most of the heavy lifting to keep your home should temperatures drop below freezing. Most home owners think because they have a warranty on their furnace that they’re covered in the event something breaks, or stops working all together. Damages caused by improper maintenance of your furnace can cause damage in your home. Take important note that damage caused by improperly maintained furnaces would not be covered under your homes warranty. 

The main question people should be asking themselves is ” How often do I need to have my furnace inspected “, Well, we’re going to take a minute to break down that answer in more detail below. 

How Often Do I need A Furnace Inspection

According to most HVAC specialists, like our friends over at Plumbing Houston  If you’ve recently replaced your HVAC system or furnace, you’ll more than likely be able to get away with scheduling a furnace inspection every other year. Another important issue is the age of your furnace. If you’re furnace is over 10 years old you should plan on having it checked at least once a year by a professional HVAC contractor to get the most out of heating your home. It may seem like overkill, but some specialists advise homeowners to get a furnace inspection and tune-up in the spring, and once again in the fall. For most Texans, once a year is plenty fine. 

The next important question that comes to mind is “What happens during a furnace inspection”. We get this question more than almost every other question, it’s a pretty straightforward answer. Furnace inspections and maintenance checks are designed to locate problems before they become more widespread and expensive problems. We thoroughly clean all parts of the intake, air filter, coils, and heat exchanger, your HVAC tech will even check to see that the pilot light is operating poorly or not on gas systems. We like to check for signs of corrosion, and conduct a full tune-up when called out as it helps prolong the life of the system. 

What are the Benefits Of Yearly Furnace Inspections and Maintenance?

The single biggest benefit is the cost savings on more costly repairs should you have much larger issues develop in the future due to missing the smaller items we catch during our inspections. 

Contact Ecostar Air Duct Cleaning for regular furnace inspections

Whether you need to schedule regular furnace maintenance during the winter months, or you’re faced with a severe plumbing emergency like a frozen pipe, the professional plumbers at Plumbing Houston can help! We can be there day or night to handle any HVAC emergencies when you need us the most. Contact one of our customer service representatives today: (832) 404-6144

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