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If your home or commercial business is suffering from the effects of any water damage, call EcoStar Water Damage Restoration Katy. We are your local and trusted company ready to provide you with the best available solutions. Water damage will lead to an array of issues for you, and it is important that these issues are resolved right away. Don't wait, call EcoStar today!

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Water Damage and Restoration in Katy, Texas

If you let stagnant water sit without taking care of it, you can expect a whole slew of problems. From mold to general water stains, you will certainly have a bad experience if you do not remove the water immediately. You need to ensure all parts of your home can begin the drying process as soon as possible. However, there are actual dangers associated with excessive water emergencies, or even small amounts of water damage.

Electrical outlets and wiring must be protected from water at all costs. Your first step should be to turn off the electricity in your home so that nothing can short out or conduct electricity throughout the house. Water and electricity are extremely dangerous, so it is absolutely vital that you turn off the electricity. Similarly, gas lines, plumbing, and other home service utilities can be affected by water. You should shut off all of these, as well as any devices or appliances you have in the home.

Mold Remediation in Katy, Texas

Water is needed for mold to grow, and even a small amount of moisture is enough to let mold expand until it’s out of control. In just 48 to 72 hours, mold can become completely unmanageable. If your Katy home has water or moisture in the carpet, flooring, walls, or elsewhere then you definitely want to take care of it quickly.

Moisture can obviously lead to humid conditions, and this often will affect your HVAC system. It is entirely possible for mold to grow in your air ducts or in and around other air conditioning or heating components that are a bit harder to clean up.

Our company, EcoStar Water Damage Restoration Katy, can provide free estimates for all mold remediation. One major part of our water damage restoration service is to not only clean up and remove mold, but to prevent mold in the future as well. We will make sure that your home is dried and protected from mold through a variety of devices and methods. Our technicians have the best equipment, training, and devices to ensure your home cannot become a breeding ground for mold.

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With affordable pricing and reliable services you can trust, look no further than EcoStar. Our certified technicians are ready to get the job done. Let us take care of your Katy home water damage and we are sure you will be satisfied! With same and next day scheduling, we will be able to quickly provide solutions to any water damage issues that you are facing.

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