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We are your trusted, qualified, professional water damage restoration company in Missouri City, Texas. We provide quality home and commercial services to people in need. From water removal to the end of your restoration project, we will make sure your living or working environment feels comfortable, clean, and looks incredible.

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Water Damage Destroys Homes

Excessive or even minor water damage can destroy a home. The carpet may need to be fully replaced or deep cleaned, and even the wood flooring can rot and deteriorate. Metal components can become rusted over time if the water is not dealt with. Additionally, when water is allowed to stay in the home there is a risk of mold. Simply put, you do not want water in your home and especially not in a commercial property. There are many downsides to handling water damage incorrectly, so make sure you trust a qualified company to take care of everything.

  • Water will damage electric, gas, water, or other general home utilities
  • Appliances can become defunct, especially modern devices with wiring
  • The structure of your home can become compromised

Foundation Cracks From Water Damage

Many parts of the home will be affected by water damage, but the foundation of your house is obviously one of the most important parts. When water is allowed to sink through the home and into the foundation, cracking can definitely start. This needs to be taken care of immediately to prevent further damage.

Foundation cracks are commonly started because of outside pressure in the soil pushing the foundation in. Expert technicians in the home construction and repair industry will be able to identify the most likely cause of any crack in your foundation. Horizontal cracks for example can differ from vertical cracks, but it obviously all depends on how your home is set and constructed. When the water goes into the soil, it affects how that dirt sits around your home. This can definitely change the pressure or weight of the soil around your house, causing a foundation to crack if not reinforced or strong enough.

Water Damage Restoration & Home Remodeling in Missouri City ​

We provide full home remodeling and restoration services to residents of Missouri City. We can take care of anything you need to repair or replace. We also offer incredible cleaning services for everything from the HVAC system to your carpets. It is very important that a professional home restoration company takes a look at your household to give you accurate and affordable estimates for all possible options for revitalizing your house.

We will make sure all water is removed and the drying process is underway. We’ll help you clean up your flooring, walls, ceilings, as well as any upholstery or other important belongings. Simply give us a call and we will set up your free estimate!

Mold Remediation in Missouri City​

When water stays inside of a home or commercial property, there is a huge chance that mold will grow. As you know, mold needs water or moisture. By cleaning up your water problem, we will prevent mold from taking over. It is necessary to identify the causes of the water damage and moisture so mold does not become a problem for you.

Affordable Water Damage Restoration in Missouri City

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Free Estimates for Water Damage

If you need to know how much it will cost to clean up your entire house or part of it, then give our company a call. EcoStar water damage and restoration services are affordable and 100% premium. We help Missouri City homeowners and commercial property owners/managers with all of their water pumping, water damage cleanup and restoration, as well as more extensive repairs, replacements, and remodeling work.

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