Do You Need Dryer Vent Cleaning In Pasadena?

You should always make sure to clean the dryer vent each year to remove flammable materials. It is not safe to use the dryer for years without having the vent cleaned. In fact, many houses have burnt to the ground because of dryer vent fires that could have been avoided with proper cleaning. EcoStar Dryer Vent Cleaning Pasadena provides affordable services. Our premium dryer vent cleaning is conducted by true professionals who have loads of experience with clenaing dryer vents.

The dryer machine can run slower when the vent is not clean. The blockages cause air flow inefficiencies. Modern day dryers can detect the amount of obstruction and give you a percentage number for how clogged the vent is. Older dryers don't do this and may continue to try to run and ventilate even if the dryer vent is completely clogged. This is dangerous and also leads to higher energy use from your dryer which costs you money.

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Best Dryer Vent Cleaning in Pasadena

EcoStar Dryer Vent Cleaning professionals are here to help Pasadena residents with their slow dryer machines, clogged dryer vents, and routine dryer vent maintenance. We provide a premium service at affordable prices. Every home and commercial property deserves clean dryer vents that are safe from fire hazards, more efficiently ventilated, and cleaned each year.

Fix Slow Dryer Machine with Dryer Vent Cleaning

If your dryer machine is taking a while to dry the clothes, it is possible that the ventilation is to blame. If your dryer vent is clogged or extremely dirty, you can expect the dryer machine to run a lot slower. Once you clean your dryer vent, you will see improvements with how quick you can dry your clothes. You should have a professional dryer vent cleaner service your dryer and vent connection each year. It is very important to make sure there is no lint, dust, or other substances in the dryer vent building up over time.

Why You Must Clean Your Dryer Vent

When lint, dust, and other materials settle in the dryer vent, problems can definitely arise. As your dryer machine heats up, it pushes out hot, dry air. This can cause certain substances and materials stuck in the dryer vent to catch on fire. This leads to a huge risk of fire. Although you may believe this will never happen to you, a study completed by FEMA showed that 34% of home dryer fires were caused by dirty dryer vents.

Best Dryer Vent Cleaners in Pasadena

You can trust EcoStar’s Professional Dryer Vent Cleaners in Pasadena! All of our personnel are trained to fulfill all of our service guarantees, and go above and beyond to create solutions for any problems in your home. With free estimates for major ventilation remodeling and standard pricing for dryer vent cleaning and repairs, you should definitely give us a call if you need help. We provide the most affordable dryer vent cleaning in Pasadena, without losing any quality in our work. You can trust our labor guarantees and well-trained technicians to embody the ethics and values of our licensed HVAC company.

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We are accustomed to handling dozens of dryer vents at a time, for large apartment complexes, hotels, resorts, and more. Whether you have a few dryer vents or hundreds spread throughout multiple locations, we will be happy to help. We can discuss major commercial services over the phone and in-person, so that our agreement is fully understood by us and you. This will allow us to develop a working relationship built on trust, reliability, and of course – high quality, commercial dryer vent cleaning at a great price.

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