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Water Damage Restoration in Houston

If you need to restore your home after a water leak, flooding, storm damage, or other water damage, then you need to give us a call. Our emergency response professionals help Houston homeowners and property managers quickly respond to water damage and make sure carpeting, flooring, upholstery, and other parts of your home are safe. We can remove all signs of excessive flooding from your property, patch up water leaks, fix plumbing leaks or breaks, and take care of you entirely.

Water damage at home is probably one of the most devastating circumstances that are hard to deal with as it may cause inconvenience and damage to your home, furniture and carpet. While it is very tempting to just save money and just do the water damage restoration by yourself, there are a few reasons to immediately call a trusted and professional water restoration service provider.

Water damage restoration involves a thorough inspection of the damage to get an idea of what must be cleaned. It may even include replacement of walls, flooring, and ceilings. With this in mind, it is important to have a professional service provider assess your home for fixing the water damage in your home. EcoStar water damage restoration is definitely the trusted team of professional service providers when it comes to water damage restoration in Houston.

EcoStar water damage restoration requires the expertise and necessary equipment to quickly restore whatever has been damaged at your home. Apart from our skills and tools, our teams also use a unique and scientific approach in doing water damage restoration. We offer flood cleanup services and water cleanup services in Houston. We don’t just limit ourselves to replacement work and repairs. We also monitor and document the restoration process from the beginning and up to the end, so you can fully understand the benefits of hiring our professional water damage restoration company.

Keep reading to learn how our full service company helps Houston homeowners, property managers, and businesses when water damages their property. Just give us a call so we can answer any questions you may have and schedule your water damage restoration project.

If you do not take care of water damage quickly, there can be drastic effects on your home. Wood will start to rot and become weakened, making your home less stable and eventually unsafe for living. This is a huge problem for not only homeowners, but property managers and landlords with unremediated flooding or water damage in their apartments. There will also be damage to carpeting, which is highly prone to allowing mold to grow in your home. This mold can quickly become unmanageable in 24 to 72 hours, so you definitely cannot ignore it. Other parts of your home will also require further repairs. Water leaks can pool up in ceilings, staying under strong layers of paint or plaster to form a "bubble" of water. This will eventually become too heavy and explode, dropping the water on to your floor, carpet, or upholstery and beloved belongings or decorations. We can safely "pop" these build ups of water, so they are fully taken care of without risk of damage to your home. We can then seal the leak fully on the outside and / or inside of your home and perform touch up work to make it look flawless once again. Whatever the source of water is, most homeowners agree that it is never a good idea to let a leak, piping problem, or flooding persist in their living environment. The damages will only get worst, so call a local water damage restoration company now!

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Houston Water Damage Cleaning and Repairs

Fixing your home water damage does not have to be expensive. At EcoStar, we offer fantastic ways to pay for your water damage restoration project. Whether you require residential services or commercial water damage cleaning and repairs, we can provide you with payment plans that fit your needs. We can spread the total cost of your project up so that you do not have to pay for the entire clean up at once. We do require a deposit, but we have found that this solution helps countless residents of Houston each year. There's no need to risk your home's safety and cleanliness by delaying a water damage restoration project due to concerns about money. It is very important to take care of water damage immediately, so please do not feel embarassed or hesitant to ask us how we can help you afford emergency water damage repairs and cleaning.

We can also help you connect with reliable third-party lenders that do not charge insane interest rates on loans for water damage restoration. You can obtain an incredible $0 down payment loan with very low interest rates. We have helped many customers with varying credit scores, so they can easily afford water damage restoration of both low and high severity.

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We will quickly come to your home to inspect the extent of your water damage problem. We will perform visual inspections and take a look at various components to try to detect the source of the water if it is not known. We can find out what is being affected and provide you with all of these details. We will give you free estimates for all the work that is required to fully remove the water (if still present), fully clean your home upholstery, carpeting, or other areas of your property, and make sure that no mold or further damage will occur once we are gone. Then you can decide on the spot or as soon as possible if you would like to move forward with your full water damage restoration project. At the very least, we will make sure you have all of the information you need to make an informed decision.

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We are a full service company that is capable of providing every single service required for full water damage restoration. Whether it is safely pumping the water out of your home or just cleaning your home once the water is removed, we are here for YOU. We have experienced technicians that handle a variety of services. From licensed plumbers to construction crews, there is absolutely nothing that we cannot handle. With remodeling experience in Houston, we definitely are confident in our ability to fully restore your home.

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Houston Water Damage Repairs & Cleaning

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We are your local water damage restoration experts! We are based in Houston and have been traveling across Greater Houston and surrounding areas for many years. We provide excellent customer service over the phone to ensure every customer receives answers when they need them, and can be scheduled quickly. Once you have spoken with one of our water damage restoration professionals, we will set your appointment for the soonest available time. We will come to your property on time and make sure you are taken care of. Seriously - we are just one phone call away, so give us a ring and we'll be sure to drive to your property as soon as possible.

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Commercial Water Damage Restoration

Emergency Water Damage Cleaning and Repairs

Commercial properties can be difficult to manage, even without the urgency of water leaks, burst pipes, and other water damage. That is why we are devoted to helping businesses and property managers in Houston. We provide full emergency services for all types of water leaks, flooding, and related damage. You can trust us to come to your property to take care of anything during or after your water emergency. We provide affordable commercial water damage restoration services so you can handle any possible problems across your various locations.

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We are fully capable of providing free estimates for all air duct repairs and installations, anything related to HVAC, and home repairs or new construction. Our background is in not only air ducts and ventilation, but home remodeling and construction as well. EcoStar is a full service company in Houston with years of experience in a variety of industries.

When we provide a free estimate we truly honor what we promise to fulfill. Although it is always preferable to start service immediately, especially for emergencies or urgent cleaning needs, we are more than willing to honor our free estimates in the future if you need time to make a decision. With this in mind you should have no concerns at all if you decide to have any free estimates performed during your appointment. Even if the work you are interested in is not 100% related to the cleaning or repairs we perform at your home during your initial appointment, we will be happy to assist with the work and answer any questions you may have.

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