Why You Should Clean Air Duct Vent Covers & Grilles

Why You Need Vent Cover Cleaning

Homeowners should definitely consider having their vent covers/grilles cleaned if they are noticing a build up of dust, other obstructions in the air ducts, or other substances such as potentially toxic allergens, pollen, or serious problems like mold or mildew. Air duct vent covers are the last stop before the air flows into your living area. If your vent covers are dirty or covered in grime then even the cleanest of air ducts will push out "dirty air". The air flows through the vent covers, so you will be breathing in polluted air if your vent covers are not cleaned properly. This can be especially problematic for homes with past or present indoor cigarette smokers. The tar and nicotine gets stuck to the vent covers, causing bad odors to flow throughout your home. Another major reason air duct vent grilles must be cleaned is when pet dander or fur gets stuck in between the metal grates. This fur will make it harder for your home to maintain proper airflow, which causes issues such as increased electricity bills for the air conditioning or heating system to work harder, and other inefficiencies in your ductwork. 

How to Clean Your Vent Covers For Quality Airflow in Your Home

Cleaning your home's air duct vent covers is not hard, but is best left to a professional air duct cleaning company. We clean air ducts and vent covers in Bellaire, Texas year-round, and in doing so we have used a variety of methods to make sure every vent cover is spotless and perfect. Here are some of the ways we make sure we can fulfill our clean & sparkling guarantees and promises! 

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  • - Modern tools such as brushes, vacuums, sponges, material-safe scrubbers, and chemical solutions
  • - Proper cleaning techniques that do not scratch surfaces, leave marks, or remove any paint, finishing, or other coatings
  • - We fully remove each vent cover to make sure the front, back, and each edge is perfectly clean 
  • - We clean the screws and guide holes so no residue or dirt is even close to your air
  • - Detailed cleaning for any grooves, slots, or other edges that are usually hidden behind the vent cover

With your vent covers cleaned, you can fully benefit from high quality airflow and efficiency, clean air, and the full power of your home HVAC system! Remember, if you are going to clean your vent covers, you should also be cleaning your home air ducts. If the ventilation in your home is dirty, it will only be a matter of time before your vent cover grilles are clogged up once again! This is obviously not what you want, so be sure to ask us for are everything-included pricing for both vent cover and air duct cleaning in Bellaire. We will be sure to provide you with any additional information you require, including exact details about what you can expect during your vent cover cleaning appointment and other services that we can easily fulfill to make sure your home is clean, fresh, and beautiful!

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